Since 1968 we have dedicated ourselves to becoming a full service wholesale brokerage organization focused on mutually beneficial relationships with our agents and companies. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and providing knowledgeable and timely service.

Gorst – officially known as “Harry W. Gorst Company” is our binding authority division and where have underwriting authority with many insurance companies.

Compass – officially known as “Compass Insurance Group of Agencies” is our brokerage division where we have access to over 100 markets.

We have recently branded ourselves as Gorst & Compass Insurance. We have excellent products that we can place with admitted and non-admitted markets. These products include Casualty, Property, Professional Liability, Workers’ Comp, Personal Lines, Transportation & Garage. We cover all of California and the surrounding western states. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.



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Name Title Phone
Executive Staff
Mike Heagerty Chairman & CEO 818.507.0900 X130
Jane Heagerty CFO 818.507.0900 X131
Bryan Clark President 818.534.2615
Leila Navarro Sr. Vice President – Chief Operations Officer 818.507.0900 X151
Jennifer Clark Vice President – Human Resources 818.534.2603
Cathy Sagebiel Vice President – Finance 818.507.0900 X161


Name Title Phone
Elizabeth Ashdjian Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X190
Salpi Ashdjian Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X187
Angie Avila Assistant Broker 818.507.0900 X135
Donna Bacarti Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2630
Eric Burgis Compliance Technician 818.507.0900 X125
Albert Celis Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X141
Meghann Chalker Assistant Broker 818.507.0900 X172
Ivy (Pennie) Cherry Supervisor – Compliance and Records Dept. 818.334.4816
Brad Chesnutt Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2628
Brian Collins Sr. Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.534.2616
Joey Franiak Assistant Broker 818.507.0900 X198
Brenna Gaines Supervisor – P/L Assistant U/W Dept. 818.534.2629
Mike Gates Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2625
Keith Haffner Sr. I.T. Technician 818.507.0900 X129
G.V. Inocentes Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X147
Karen Iturriaga Receptionist 818.507.0900 X1111
Paul Laufer Sr. Vice President – Brokerage 818.534.2617
Minh Le Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.534.2626
Rexibelle Lesaca Supervisor – Accounting Dept. 818.322.4382
Rochelle Lesaca Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X122
Nicole Lopez Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X194
Domarina Murphy Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X401
Nelson Oliva Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2622
J.P. Pastor Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X115
Sharon (Babic) Plume Sr. Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.534.2618
Brad Poe Sr. Underwriter – Commercial & Personal Lines 818.534.2623
Chip Polhill Sr. Vice President – Commercial Lines 818.534.2619
Mirna Ponciano Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X185
Cinthia Reynaga Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2620
Kimberly Rocha Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X191
Natalie Rodriguez Compliance Technician 818.507.0900 X196
Valeska Rodriguez Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X127
Wesley Sagebiel Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X153
Michelyn Salmorin Assistant Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.507.0900 X114
Mercedes Slepicoff Accounting & Financing Technician 818.507.0900 X134
Rebecca Stadtner Assistant Underwriter – Commercial Lines 818.507.0900 X403
Eileen Taylor Executive Assistant 818.507.0900 X144
Diana Villasenor Supervisor – C/L Assistant U/W Department 818.796.4262
Sue Weeks Sr. Underwriter – Personal Lines 818.534.2621
Megan Wicks Sr. Underwriter – Transportation & Garage 818.534.2624
Azy Williams Claims & Accounting Technician 818.507.0900 X133



Gorst & Compass Insurance is committed to making a “DIFFERENCE” in your business. We are committed to offering our customers the most competitive products available. Our management team is committed to insuring that we can deliver these products to you in the most time efficient manner. Our underwriting teams work hard to insure that we deliver on our promise to make that difference.

Bryan Clark



At Gorst & Compass Insurance we pride ourselves in hiring top quality people. We are looking for bright, energetic self-starters that can make a difference in our company.

We offer full benefits including medical, dental, vision, 401k, flexible spending accounts and more.

We want to hear from you if you are this person. Please call Bryan Clark at 818.507.0900 x148 or email your resume.


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